♫ Hello Fabulous Student! ♫ 

The Student Portal on this website will help us better connect outside of lessons. To begin with, it will be a place to access my calendar if you need to see when your lesson is scheduled, reschedule your lesson, or schedule a makeup or extra help lesson. You will be able to schedule an in-person or online lesson. Soon I will begin posting your weekly practice assignments and adding files to the repertoire page so that you can access new songs or replace lost copies of your music. 

The Parent Portal on this website will allow parents to schedule and/or reschedule lessons, send and receive private messages to and from me, and check your account status. You will also be able view your child's lesson assignments and access the music files as well.

To create your portal, follow the "create a password" link that I send to you. Students and Parents will both need links. The links take you to a page that says "change your password." This is where you will create a password for yourself. Once your portal is setup, you can access your account through the Login page of this website.

Thanks! Ms. Elana